Meet Angela

ShatterBox Coaching was initiated by Dr. Angela Marick, author of “Beauty in the Brokenness:”.

Early 2015, my life was on a beautiful trajectory – loving husband, two healthy kiddos, stable income, and a rocking chiropractic business.  My comfortable, stable life underwent a tsunami of change.  My husband, Josh – then 39, was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer with a prognosis of 4 months.   During his experience with cancer, he showed our boys and myself, what it was like to find peace in any situation with gratitude and acceptance. 

After Josh passed in May of 2016, I became a widow – not a club I ever, ever imagined being included in.  In this new reality for my life, I discovered love again, possibility again, while raising my two boys.  But my mind struggled with so much change and I lived with anxiety for nearly two years after his death.  During this time, I found mindset work and began to realize that I could be in control of my mind and create the reality I wanted for my family by discovering my divine purpose.  

Paul and I married in 2017 and blended our three boys and two dogs in York, PA.  While being committed to creating a loving, stable family with my new husband, I realized that anything can be possible, if I can believe it.  Our family doesn’t look like the one I was raised with or started out my adulthood looking like.  But here I am, living what is possible.  In 2018, I decided that chiropractic was no longer the platform that I wanted to serve people.  I had been experiencing my own personal coaching for 10 years and realized that life coaching was my calling.  As I had my own box of beliefs literally annihilated, I found, through coaching and support, I have created incredible meaning, growth, and love in my new life.  My own transformation and discovery has led me to become an empowerment coach for women. I hold space and create inspirational accountability in a safe and nonjudgmental environment as my clients step deeper into their own belief and transformation.

I’m Ready!

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